About BiomCare

BiomCare focus on the importance of the human gut microbiome for drug and biomarker development. By offering human fecal samples for use in in vivo models, we aim to facilitate the evaluation of the human gut microbiome in drug and biomarker development, as well as evaluation of new products targeting the gut microbiome.

The inner and outer surfaces of the human body is home to thousands of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and virus, a.k.a. our microbiota. The symbiosis between the human host and the microorganisms is important for maintaining our daily health. As our understanding of the role and composition of the microbiota increases, we begin to appreciate the potential of actively considering and influencing this ‘forgotten organ’ in the health care setting.

BiomCare is working to establish a Biobank of thoroughly tested fecal samples from a tightly monitored donor panel. Our donor panel exists of super-healthy individuals established via our detailed screening program. All samples are tested for potential pathogens and general microbiome health, diluted, filtered and stored at -80C. The products will be delivered on dry ice, ready to be transferred to germ-free in vivo models. The extensive screening and monitoring allow BiomCare to offer products which reflect a healthy human microbiome.

The microorganisms living in the human gut are important players for metabolism of both food and drugs. It influences the rate of breakdown and transformation as well as uptake and excretion. It is therefore of interest for pharmaceutical companies who develop and test new drugs and biomarkers to consider the microbiome in their research and development. The microbiome is significantly different between the in vivo models used in drug evaluation and the human for which the drug is intended. It is therefore essential to evaluate the effect of the human microbiome. And this is where BiomCare can help.

Much attention is directed at the ability to improving gut microbiome symbiosis in order to treat infection, improve insulin sensitivity, support weight loss and improve general health. That many conditions are associated with dysbiosis has been established, and that the dysbiosis is likely to play a role for development and acceleration of many conditions is increasingly evident. To bring this knowledge to the clinic, products aimed at establishing or supporting a healthy gut microbiome, whether it is drugs, pro- or prebiotics or something forth, must be thoroughly tested. For such studies germ-free in vivo models colonized with a human-like microbiome could be an essential tool.