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BiomCare is always searching for people to join our team of donors. Becoming a donor is a simple process consisting of 3 main steps. These steps are aimed at ensuring that you meet the requirements for a BiomCare donor profile. BiomCare is currently recruiting for our ‘healthy backbone’ panel, which means we are searching for healthy individuals, who want to be part of our donor panel. Being part of the donor panel entails a number of benefits and obligations which include regular and open interaction with the BiomCare personnel.

How do I become a donor?

To become a donor, you must go through 3 main screening steps, all aimed at ensuring you fit the BiomCare donor profile:

  1. The first step is to answer the 5 questions you find below under “First step – the first 5 questions”. These questions are aimed at evaluating your general health and suitability with minimum effort and time required.
  2. The second step is an in-person meeting where you will be asked to answer an extensive questionnaire. This questionnaire will in detail evaluate your current health and health history.
  3. The third and final step allows BiomCare to screen a stool sample to obtain general information of your bacterial profile. You must therefore provide a stool sample to BiomCare at the third step.

All donors who attend the screening meeting, will receive a gift card for two glasses of wine in the wine-bar “Smagførst” in Jægergaardsgade. You may visit their website here.

What are the obligations?

BiomCare is deeply depending on a close and trustful relationship to our donors. Being a member of the BiomCare donor panel therefore entails that you:

  • Deliver min. 3 stool samples per week at the BiomCare facility.
  • Inform BiomCare of any changes to your health

What are my benefits?

Being a donor comes with two main benefits:

  • A financial benefit of 100 kr. per fecal sample delivered to BiomCare
  • The ability to contribute to the development of new and better medicine, which we hope in the near future will help thousands of people.

Register to become a donor

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all 5 questions found below, you have passed the first step and we welcome you to register using the form also found below. When we are in need of new donors, we will then contact you to go through the next two steps.

These two steps are:

  1. Answer a more extensive questionnaire and
  2. Provide a stool sample which we can screen to ensure you fit the criteria of BiomCare’s healthy donor panel.

First step – the first 5 questions:

As BiomCare is currently only recruiting healthy donors, the questions reflect the requirements for a healthy donor. When we in time will recruite alternative donor profiles, the questions will be modified accordingly. You can therefore experience that questions change between viewings.

  1. Are you between 18 and 49 years old and have a BMI* between 18 and 25?
  2. Do you consider yourself very healthy?
  3. Can you find the time during your week to deliver minimum 3 stool samples?
  4. Do you live within 30 minutes from the BiomCare facility (Uniparken, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark)?
  5. Can you continue with donations for at least 3 months after passing the screening process?

If you are able to answer ‘yes’ to all the above questions, then you have passed the first of our three main screening steps. We encourage you to make contact with us, through the donor registration form below.

*BMI: You calculate your BMI by first measuring your height and weight. Then use this information to calculate your BMI with the formula: BMI = weight(kg)/height(m)^2. The formula is read as body mass divided by the square of body height. One example with height 180cm and weight 70kg: 70/1.802 = 21.6

You can also use this form. Remember your BMI needs to be between 18 and 25:

Your BMI is

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Donor Registration Form

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