BiomCare Vision

BiomCare consist of a team of young, passionate professionals who aim to fill, what we believe is a gap in the European medical field – comprising both healthcare, biomarker and drug development and research. With the emerging evidence that support an essential role of the human gut microbiome for human health, the microbiome is a factor which must be actively considered and, as far as possible, incorporated, in our strive to treat infections, reduce antibiotic use, reach personalized medicine and develop new biomarkers and drugs.

The human gut microbiome is a complex entity and its role is tightly associated with this complexity. We therefore believe it is essential to work with ‘the real deal’ obtained from fecal samples. These samples contain both rare and common organisms in a ratio reflecting the composition of the microbiome in the human gut.

We envision that our Biobank will supply healthcare institutions, research facilities and CRO companies who experience a demand for human fecal samples. We welcome all expressions of interests and comments. Please send us an E-mail, use the contact form or call us. Contact information is found here.

We are establishing BiomCare with the aim that BiomCare will not only support an expansion of knowledge and use of the human microbiota via sales of fecal samples, but will also take active part in and conduct research. This research will be aimed at increasing the understanding of the microbiome function and composition, so that the microbiome can be safely and cost effectively implemented in more aspects of the health care setting.