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What we do

We perform biostatistical analysis of the microbiome profiles to answer the biological questions at hand. While we specialize in the detection of predictive biomarkers form fecal microbiome samples, we are experienced in and offer a range of biostatistical solutions.

Most analysis projects of microbiome samples, whether cross-sectional or longitudinal, will include analysis of alpha- and beta-diversity measures and individual microbial features (taxonomic and functional).

We identify if differences/associations are significant, and aim to shed light their biological relevance.

The specific statistical models we use and the analysis we perform depend on the specific project, e.g. what is the source, the data type and the overall design. Different factors that can influence the analysis approach include:

  • Longitudinal or cross-sectional sampling
  • Sample size and covariates
  • Interest in low abundant features or strain-level resolution
  • Available meta-data (e.g. request for multi-omics data integration)

Communication between us and our customers is therefore key for optimal biostatistical analysis and all analysis flows will be customized to suit your interests and needs.


What you get

Customized analysis of your microbiome profiles for optimal decoding and interpretation of the available data.



  • Tables with summary statistics of all analyzed features (diversity measures and single microbial features).


  • Figures that illustrate the results from the statistical analysis. The specific plots depend on the analysis performed, but will often minimally include ordination plots that highlight different subgroups/gradients and box-/bubble-plots/heatmaps of single-feature associations.

Biostatistical Results Report

  • A report describing the statistical analysis performed and the results