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Quality Evaluation and Filtering of Raw Sequencing data

All raw sequencing data must be processed before microbiome profiles can be generated and biologically relevant information can be obtained. This include evaluation of the data quality and filtering of low quality data.

What we do

  • Evaluate the quality controls where applicable
  • Evaluate the quality of the raw sequencing data
  • Generate
    • a summary report of data quality
    • a per-sample data quality report
  • Filter the data based on the quality evaluation. Quality filtering include removal of
    • Adaptors
    • Low quality data
    • Contaminants and host reads (where relevant)

What you get


  • Quality filtered data in fastq format
  • Raw data in fastq format

Data Quality Report

The report includes:

  • A description of the data quality
  • Details of the performed quality filtering.
  • Illustrations that support easy overview of reads/base pairs removed at different steps and number reads remaining post filtering.