BiomCare is establishing a Biobank of thoroughly tested fecal samples from a tightly monitored donor panel. Our donor panel exists of a backbone of healthy individuals established via our detailed screening program. Donors are evaluated on a range of parameters including 16S rDNA sequencing based evaluation of stool composition every 14 days. The donor’s health history and current risk status is evaluated using a detailed questionare at recuitment. The health status of the donors are continuesly monitored by a short evaluation on stool delivery. With this rigid screening program, we aim to ensure that BiomCare’s products reflect the composition and function of a healthy Northern European population.

The donor panel will expand over time to include phenotypic profiles of interest for drug and biomarker screening. As research have shown that the gut microbiome function and composition is associated with different phenotypic characteristics such as age, insulin resistance and BMI, we believe pharmacokinetic studies can greatly benefit from matching fecal donor profiles to the drug under study.

After collection, the fecal samples are diluted, filtered to remove fibrous content and stored at -80C within the BiomCare facilities. We are working to establish a product range most suitable for the needs of our clients. We therefore welcome requests for specific sample sizes, concentrations as well as donor profiles. The products will be delivered on dry ice, ready to be transferred to in vivo models.

It is essential for BiomCare to ensure our products are used as intended. It is strictly prohibited to use these products in humans or to resell products. To ensure proper use, our clients are required to register using the registration form found below. We will then make sure that clients are registered companies working within the pharmaceutical or research field.

BiomCare is a company in the upstart phase. We are currently testing production processes and validating products. Therefore, products will not be sold until 2018. We welcome any expression of interest and encourage interested companies to make contact either by direct mail/phone or by registering.

  • Calling us +45 31 57 20 81
  • Sending an e-mail to:
  • Or by using the company registration form below.

The healthy backbone panel

The healthy backbone panel of donors provide samples which reflect a healthy human microbiome. The healthy profile ensures that study results do not reflect the metabolic function of a microbiota dominated by facultatively anaerobes or which is disturbed by conditions that are known or suspected to influence the gut microbiota, such as chronic inflammation or obesity. To ensure the samples reflect a healthy microbiota, a fecal sample from our healthy donors are analyzed at a 14 days interval, using 16S rDNA sequencing. This allows BiomCare to evaluate the composition of the microbiome and exclude samples dominated by unexpected bacteria.


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