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The founders team consists of four people, all with acedemic degrees, ranging from life science, IT, and finance. They have extensive experience in international and cross border work and coorperation. Their experience also stems from working in big farmaceutical companies to coorperation with many different universities around the world. All this is providing you with a very qualified team of professional partners.


We look forward to our coorperation.

Louise Bruun Thingholm


Ph.D in Biostatistics. Master of science in molecular medicine. CEO of BiomCare Responsibilities include management, product development and optimization (R&D).

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Ann Bech Thomsen


Master of Science in molecular medicine. Vice president at BiomCare. Responsibilities include management, quality assurance and product optimization (R&D).

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Regin Buss Vels Jensen


Master of Information Technologies. CTO at BiomCare Responsibilities include: Website development, digital strategy, database management, encryption, IT systems and IT group management.

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Nina Skovslund Nielsen


Master of Science in Finance and International Business. Chairman of the board at BiomCare. Responsibilities include strategy, finance and business development.

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