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Our Mission Is To Become The Best Microbiota Analysis Service Provider On The Globe.


BiomCare consist of a team of young, passionate professionals who aim to fill, what we believe is a gap in the European field, with a company specialized in handling and analyzing microbiota samples. We are establishing BiomCare to comprise both consulting and biobank facility services. (Link to the Management Group.)


The microbiota is a complex entity and it’s role is tightly associated with this complexity. We therefore believe it is essential to work with ‘the real deal’ – with samples and methods that capture as much as the complexity as possible. We  focus on sequencing-based approached to profile the microbiome in a complex sample, and establish a biobank optimized to handle and store complex and viable microbiota samples.


Evidence is growing for the importance of the human microbiota in the clinic, both for numerous common diseases, and as a factor in the inter-individual variation in drug response, digestion of food and regulation of the immune system. Reintroduction of a healthy microbiota via transplantation is currently being used for treating antibiotic associated diarrhea caused by recurrent Clostridium difficile infection, and is showing promising effects for a range of other conditions, including antibiotic resistance, response to chemotherapy and insulin resistance. We believe access to standardized biobanking facilities is a bottleneck in the efforts to fully utilize the potential of fecal transplantations.


We are establishing BiomCare with the aim that BiomCare will not only support an expansion of knowledge and inclusion of the microbiota in industrial and clinical efforts, but we will also take active part in research and conduct research of our own. This research will be aimed at increasing the understanding of the function and composition of the microbiota, so that the microbiota can be safely and cost-effectively implemented in more aspects of our society.


We welcome all expressions of interests and comments. Please send us an E-mail, use the contact form or call us. Contact information and form is found here: Contact BiomCare.