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Microbiome Sequencing Services

Microbiota are ecological communities of microorganisms that are found in and on multicellular organisms – from plants to animals, and in diverse environments form soil to water. Microbiota comprise a diverse range of organisms such as bacteria, archaea, protists, fungi and viruses, all with unique DNA profiles. Developments in sequencing technologies over the last decade has made it possible to study the microbiome in a sample based on the DNA content, removing the need for culturing. This has led to the identification of a waist diversity previously unknown, and detection of new species.


We use state of the art sequencing platforms to profile the microbiome of samples ranging from human stool to soil. The specific sequencing approach used depends on the question at hand, the type of samples and the budget.

What we do

  • DNA extraction
  • 16S rRNA gene sequencing for bacterial profiling
  • ITS sequencing for fungi profiling
  • Shotgun sequencing for taxonomic and functional profiling

What you get

Sample collection barcodes, tubes or kits

Depending on the type of tissue you collect, we will ship barcode stickers or barcode-labeled tubes. For larger clinical projects, we can provide collection kits if requested.


Sequencing data

Raw sequencing data in fastq format.


Sequencing report

A report is generated with detailes of the sequencing procedure such as reagents and instruments used.