About BiomCare

BiomCare offers human fecal samples for use in animal models. We facilitate the evaluation of the human gut microbiome in drug and biomarker development, as well as evaluation of new products targeting the gut microbiome.Read more

The BiomCare vision

We envision that the BiomCare Biobank will supply healthcare institutions, research facilities and CRO companies who experience a demand for human fecal samples.Read more

Who is BiomCare

BiomCare consists of a young team of passionate professionals who aim to fill what we believe is a gap in the European medical field – comprising both health care, biomarker and drug development and research.Read more

What we offer!

BiomCare supports Pharmaceutical Companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) in considering the human gut microbiome when testing and developing new drugs.

What service we provide

From our carefully selected and thoroughly screened donor panel, we can provide frozen material ready for clinical research.


Our service eliminates the time, staff, laboratory, protocols, and facilities Clinical Research Organisations (CRO) need to screen and prepare material from donors.