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We are experts in microbiome analysis

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We give you insight and control – by telling you which microbes are present and what they do, for your production and your research.

Core competencies:

Clinical R&D

Microbial biomarker discovery

Get control of varying drug response in clinical studies.

Sequencing service

Services for sequencing facilities

Data processing and custom biostatistical analysis.

Biofertilizers and smart farming

Development and optimization

Soil quality. Biocontrol agents.


Microbe monitoring

Measuring nitrification capacity and anaerobic fermentation.


Biomcare serves clients from around the world. See a selected list af references here.

Services we provide:

Shotgun metagenomic sequencing

By using shotgun sequencing solutions, we help discover both the taxonomic and functional profile of microorganisms, including strains, genes and pathways.

Bacteria 16s rDNA sequencing

By using amplicon sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene, we detect and profile the composition of bacteria in complex microbiome samples.

Fungi ITS sequencing

Fungi are important members of many microbiome communities. We profile the abundance of fungi by sequencing the marker ITS2 genetic sequence.

Microbiome biomarker discovery

We help uncover microbial biomarkers to promote companion diagnostics, precision medicine and reduce the risk associated with a highly variable drug response in clinical trials.

Data processing and microbiome profiling

We perform data quality evaluation and filtering of microbiome sequencing data, and perform microbiome profiling, thereby preparing raw data for biostatistical analysis.

Custom biostatistical analysis

Microbiome studies require custom biostatistical solutions to harvest the full value and information available in complex microbiome datasets. One size never fits all at BIOMCARE.

In vivo microbiome studies

It is often valuable to study the effect and interaction of new products with the microbiome in a controlled setting. We therefore offer in vivo tests of new products such as drugs and food ingredients.


The soil is filled with millions of microorganisms, and so is the gut of our livestock and the leaves of our crops. Using sequencing solutions we can begin to understand the details and importance of these complex communities. 

We used Biomcare to analyse paired human faecal samples from a clinical trial. The communication was swift and the samples rapidly analysed. … All in all, making the data easily accessible to also less experienced in the field of 16S sequencing.

I can strongly recommend the company.

Sidsel Støy

M.D., Hepatology and Gastroenterology, Aarhus University Hospital

We used Biomcare to analyse the occurrence and composition of bacteria and fungi in soil samples, in a project evaluating soil fertility and the effect of tilling. … The results were presented in easily understandable and illustrative reports, and by personal communication, and all communication went swiftly. I can highly recommend BIOMCARE for their expertise. 

Annette Vibeke Vestergaard

Senior specialist - soil and soil management. Crop Innovation and Environment, SEGES

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