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Are you looking for a partner that brings your microbiome analysis from A-Z with experience and confidence? Then Biomcare is the right match for you. We offer the full process from design to results, and you can choose to have our support for the full process or just the steps you need.

Are you new to using sequencing solutions for microbe or microbiome analysis? 80% of our customers have never worked with microbiome or sequencing platforms before. It is important to get started right, with a good design and strategy for sample collection, sequencing, data analysis etc. We are here to help every step of the way.

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Support for project planning, selection of sequencing solution, sample collection etc.

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Microbiome dedicated laoratories with custom protocols for most sample types.

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Custom pipelines for data processing and biostatistical analysis, to get the most value from your raw microbiome data.

Understanding how to Improve soil life

Enhanced farming through practices that improve soil life.

At the Danish @Innovation Centre for Organic Farming, @Tove Mariegaard Pedersen is heading the project “The Microbial Community of the Field”, aiming to understand how different farming practises and soil properties affect and shape the soil microbiome. During the last 3 years samples have been collected across more than 100 fields, and each sample has been analysed for detailed information on the soil microbiome.

Biomcare is proud to be engaged in this important endeavor, applying different microbiome sequencing solutions for the collected samples, and performing custom bioinformatic and statistical analyses. By relating the detailed data collected for each field to the soil microbiome, we evaluate how factors such as soil texture, pH, phosphor levels, organic material and tilling shape the soil microbiome.

A new project continues the activities, with more data to process, more findings to interpret and new samples to collect. This project is exactly what is needed to provide data-supported insight and guidelines that can promote sustainable farming and a healthy soil.


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We perform data quality evaluation and filtering of microbiome sequencing data, and perform microbiome profiling, thereby preparing raw data for biostatistical analysis.

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Microbiome studies require custom biostatistical solutions to harvest the full value and information available in complex microbiome datasets. One size never fits all at Biomcare.

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 It is valuable to study the effect and interaction of new products with the microbiome in a controlled setting. We offer in vivo tests of new products such as drugs and food ingredients.

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Screening for microbial biomarkers and analyzing microbiome profiles in clinical trials hold the potential of increased control and reduction of the risk resulting from varying drug responses.

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With Biomcare by the hand, getting access to the cutting-edge field of microbiome becomes easy.


Biomcare has served clients from around the world. Our references include universities, research institutes, commercial companies, start-up companies and consultancy services.

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"We used Biomcare to analyze the occurrence and composition of bacteria and fungi in soil samples, in a project evaluating soil fertility and the effect of tilling.
...The results were presented in easily understandable and illustrative reports, and by personal communication, and all communication went swiftly. I can highly recommend Biomcare for their expertise." 

Annette Vibeke Vestergaard

Senior specialist, Soil and Soil Management. Crop Innovation and Environment, SEGES

Are you new to the microbiome field, or are you looking for a partner that brings your project from A-Z with experience and confidence?

We support you through the full process, from design, through sample collection, data generation and processing, to the final analysis, figures and tables are made.

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