Custom Data Processing and Biostatistical Analysis

We perform biostatistical analysis of the microbiome profiles to answer the biological questions at hand. While we specialize in the detection of predictive biomarkers form fecal microbiome samples, we are experienced in and offer a range of biostatistical solutions.

Most analysis projects of microbiome samples, whether cross-sectional or longitudinal, will include analysis of alpha- and beta-diversity measures and individual microbial features (taxonomic and functional).

We identify if differences/associations are significant, and aim to shed light their biological relevance

Microbial Predictive Biomarker Discovery

Did you know that the gut microbiome plays a central role for the metabolism of many drugs and biological compounds? The developments in gut microbiome research show that the microbiome influences the bioavailability, toxicity and responsiveness of a patient to a given drug.


Understanding the effect of the microbiome on drug metabolism and bioavailability can greatly enhance clinical trials and facilitate adaptive designs, with improved dosing regimens and enhanced treatment specificity.

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Biology Shotgun metagenomic sequencing data

16S, ITS and Shotgun sequencing Services

We offer amplicon and shotgun sequencing of microbiome samples using Illumina MiSeq and HiSeq next generation sequencing (NGS) instruments.

BiomCare offers to perform the necessary quality-control of reads, microbiome profiling and subsequent statistical analyses.