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Part-time or hour-based bioinformatician and/or biostatistician for microbiome data analysis – 100% remote position


The company

Biomcare provide bioinformatic and statistical support for microbiome data analysis for a diverse range of customers within healthcare and agriculture, both from industry and public institutions. Our vision is to remove the data analysis bottleneck that is limiting the wider usage of sequencing-based solutions, thereby bring the value of microbiome analysis to everyone.



We are looking for new employees to perform biostatistical and/or statistical work on microbiome data from sequencing-based platforms. The tasks will depend on the applicant’s background, as applicants can be experienced in bioinformatics, statistics, or both. For bioinformaticians, the job will include applying Biomcare’s bioinformatic pipelines to new microbiome data for QC and microbiome profiling, and to establish new pipelines as needed.  For statisticians, the job will include performing biostatistical analysis of the microbiome profiles and generate reports to answer the specific needs of our customers. If the applicant is skilled in both bioinformatics and statistics, one can follow a project from raw data to results.



Successful applicants must have experience with analysing microbiome data and as a minimum a master’s degree. We prefer applicants with a background that combine bioinformatics or statistics with a health-based (i.e., molecular biology, pharmacology) or agriculture-based education (e.g., agrobiology).

The candidate must be responsible, independent, thorough, and detail-orientated, with a high level of English language. Biomcare supports our customers with a range of new and exciting projects, and it is important that our employees are solution oriented and able to work independently, to provide the best suitable solution for every new project.



In Biomcare, new projects are assigned to one or more people in the analysis team, depending on their availability and expertise. The successful candidate will be employed with an hour-based contract or parttime employment, depending on skills and timing, and will be engaged in projects that fits with expertise and interests.

The job is therefore characterized by flexibility and freedom, as work will be performed 100% remotely and organized to meet the personal circumstances of each employee. The job introduces the employees to many new projects, with unique backgrounds and challenges, ensuring the employee’s skillset is challenged and extended. As our employees gain experience, they take on increasingly challenging tasks, which ensure they leave Biomcare as sought for employees.



If the job sound interesting, please contact Louise Thingholm via e-mail at, providing a motivated application and CV. We review applications on a running basis and contact suitable candidates with an invitation for an online chat. Please do not hesitate to contact Louise if you have any questions.