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Getting started with microbiome research

You are aware of the increasing focus on the microbiome, but you are not sure how to get started?

Coordinate a workshop with our Ph.D.-level experts to get a head start. 

The field of microbiome is getting a lot of attention these years, and with good reason.

Technological developments in sequencing solutions have opened a new possibility to profile the complex microbial communities that are found in us, on us, and all around us.

And all the research only points in one direction, the 1013 microbes in our gut and their genomes, comprising 150x more genes than us, play essential roles in health and disease.

How do you get started with microbiome analysis?

Consequently, many research groups and units are starting to implement microbiome analysis in their research. Whether you are working with immunology, neurology, cancer, inflammatory diseases, or something else, links have most likely been made to changes in microbiome function or composition. It is important to keep up with the developments, but how do you get started with microbiome analysis? There is a lot to consider for study planning, sampling, sequencing methods, and not least, the complex aspects of data processing and biostatistical analysis.

Online workshops with our microbiome experts

It can appear overwhelming, but after a few hours with one of our microbiome experts, you will know and understand the different methods that are out there and what selecting one over the other will mean for your project.

During a workshop we:

  • introduce the different sequencing solutions and
  • data analysis approaches typically used for microbiome profiling,
  • discuss the main considerations in planning a microbiome project, and
  • we discuss with you your research, your research goals, and your interests in the microbiome.

We aim to give you the necessary insight into the world of microbiome research so that you and your team:

  • understand sampling approaches and options,
  • have an overview of the possibilities and limitations of different sequencing methods,
  • have a basic understanding of the different data processing approaches, and what it requires to work with microbiome data.

We are experts in microbiome research

At Biomcare we are experts in microbiome research. And we help our clients from the early project planning to the interpretation of results. We know the consequences of the decisions made during project planning and can answer your questions to get off from the best possible start.

Microbiome workshop

Are you interested in microbiome research - but don’t know how to get started?

Or would like assistance in starting up on microbiome data analysis?

We offer workshops tailored in length and content to your needs to get you started with your new endeavors.

Our team with Ph.D level expertise, has more than +7 years of experience and has worked on more than 50 microbiome projects spanning research, universities and commercial industries.