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Our Focus and Vision:

Value from Insight into the world of  Microbes

Biomcare specializes in profiling and analyzing the microbiome within us, on us and in the world around us. Most microbiome communities are complex, consisting of a range of different microorganisms at different quantities.

Microbiomes everywhere

We like to say that we all live in a microbiome world – there was microorganisms on the planet long before humans or any other multicellular organisms, and still today they vastly outnumber us in diversity and number.

More importantly, without them, we would not be here because it is due to them that there is oxygen in the atmosphere around our planet. Also, today, we are dependent on the small microbes to survive and function, and at Biomcare we believe that insight into the important role of microorganisms is an avenue for new discoveries and a way forward for our planet.

Humans and animals have microorganisms on them and within them, and the environment around us, such as the plants, soil and water, harbor a diverse and important community of microorganisms.

A microbiome that is in symbiosis – or balance – with the system it is part of plays an essential role for the system’s function, but when the balance is disrupted and dysbiosis occur, it can have far-reaching consequences. Because of our increasing understanding of the essential role of microorganisms, there is an increasing focus on maintaining or re-establishing a healthy and well-functioning microbiome.

What we believe

Biomcare believes that an enhanced understanding of both the symbiotic and dysbiotic microbiome will lead to solutions that promote health and wellbeing for both humans and the environment.

We hope that by offering state of the art solutions to furthering our understanding of the complex microbial communities on the planet, by offering data processing and analytical services, we can promote new industrial and clinical solutions.

We used BiomCare to analyse faecal samples collected in a project assessing the role of diet in the development of the infant gut microbiota in Peru.

We felt supported throughout the project by BiomCare, with Louise and the team going above and beyond to assist with any queries.

We were provided with regular updates on the status of our analysis and all communications were clear and timely. The data was presented within accessible reports, making the results easy to interpret.

Megan Stanley

PhD student, Loughborough University, UK

While Biomcare takes great pride in offering sequencing and analysis solutions to our customers, we also conduct our own development projects.

We have two main projects:

1) Our development project within healthcare is establishing the role of the gut microbiome as a reservoir of biomarkers for drug response.

2) We have developed a workflow for biomarker discovery and are currently validating the pipeline in a large clinical trial of immune checkpoint inhibitors for kidney cancer named the Nordic SUN trial.

Our development project within agriculture focuses on the importance of the soil microbiome for sustainable farming.

The microorganisms in the soil are essential for farming, as they are needed to make nutrients available for the crops, for the crop’s resistance to disease and the crops ability to withstand climate changes such as flood and drought.

Today, modern agriculture is largely ignoring the importance of a healthy soil microbiome, but as the challenges accumulate and the pressure for sustainable practices increase, there is a willingness to look at new solutions.

Biomcare is working to establish new methods that allow the farmers to evaluate the soil microbiome and make informed discissions on how to improve soil health and increase yield in a sustainable way.

Why choose Biomcare?

We are microbiome experts, and we know the pitfalls and challenges of microbiome research. We know that customized solutions are necessary to fully harvest the information-content of a microbiome data set.

The microbiome of fecal samples must be processed differently from skin samples, rare taxa must be analyzed differently from common taxa, different covariates must be considered for projects on soil compared to mouse experiments. And so forth. We take the time and care that is required.

As a microbiome analysis service Biomcare has established an infrastructure that is flexible and cost-effective. This allows us to offer a diverse range of service based on well tested platforms to highly competitive prices.

Our location and offices in Aarhus, Denmark

We are located in Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus is the 2nd largest city in Denmark, also harboring the 2nd largest university as well as many other international companies and organizations.

Our offices is located at Navitas, placed centrally in the city.

Who is Biomcare?

Biomcare was founded by a team of passionate professionals who aim to fill what we believe is a gap in the field; a company with extensive expertise in handling and analyzing microbiome samples, and who use this knowledge to both service others to harvest the value of microbiome insight, but also take our growing expertise to develop microbiome-based solutions to the danish industry. We have established Biomcare to comprise both consulting for microbiome projects and to develop marked-disrupting new solutions.

We welcome all expressions of interests and comments. Please send us an E-mail, use the contact form or call us. Contact information and form is found here: Contact BiomCare.