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Our focus: Microbiota

BIOMCARE focuses on the importance of the microbiota. The microbiota is a complex entity consisting of a range of microorganisms that under healthy circumstances function in symbiosis with its surroundings. The environment, such as soil and water, and most living organisms, harbour a microbiota. A microbiota that is in symbiosis with the system it is part of plays an essential role for the system’s function, and in turn when dysbiosis is introduced it can have far-reaching consequences.

Because of the essential role of the microbiota, there is an increasing focus on maintaining or re-establishing a healthy and well-functioning microbiota. BIOMCARE believes that an enhanced understanding of both the symbiotic and dysbiotic microbiota will lead to solutions that promote health and wellbeing for both humans and the environment.

We hope that by furthering our understanding of gut microbiota, by offering data processing and analytical services, we can promote new industrial and clinical solutions.

Why choose BIOMCARE?

  • We are microbiome experts, and we know the pitfalls and challenges of microbiome research. We know that customized solutions are necessary to fully harvest the information-content of a microbiome data set. The microbiome of fecal samples must be processed differently from skin samples, rare taxa must be analyzed differently from common taxa, different covariates must be considered for projects on soil compared to mouse experiments. And so forth. We take the time and care that is required.
  • BIOMCARE has established an infrastructure that is flexible and cost-effective. This allows us to offer a diverse range of service based on well tested platforms to highly competitive prices.

Our location and offices in Aarhus, Denmark

We are located in Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus is the 2nd largest city in Denmark, also harboring the 2nd largest university as well as many other international companies and organizations.

Our offices is located at Navitas, placed centrally in the city.

Our vision

Our Vision Is To be the Best Microbiome Service Provider On The Globe.

BiomCare was founded by a team of passionate professionals who aim to fill what we believe is a gap in the field, with a company specialized in handling and analyzing microbiota samples. We are establishing BIOMCARE to comprise both consulting, sequencing and statistical services.

A microbiota is a complex entity and it’s role is tightly associated with this complexity. We therefore believe it is essential to work with ‘the real deal’ – with samples and methods that capture as much as the complexity as possible. We focus on sequencing-based approached to profile the microbiome in a complex sample, to offer the best available data processing and analysis options.

Evidence is growing for the importance of the human microbiota in the clinic, both for numerous common diseases, and as a factor in the inter-individual variation in drug response, digestion of food and regulation of the immune system. At BiomCare we focus our attantion on the role of the microbiome in drug response. The gut microbiome influences the bioavailability, toxicity and responsiveness of a patient to a given drug. With the vast genetic diversity harbored in our microbiome that far exceeds our human genetic variation, we see the microbiome as a reservoir of predictive biomarkers. But harvesting this information takes specialized knowledge and experience.

We have build BIOMCARE with the aim not only to support an expansion of knowledge and inclusion of the microbiota in industrial and clinical efforts, but also to have a company that take active part in research and conduct research of its own. This research will be aimed at increasing the understanding of the function and composition of the microbiota, so that the value of the microbiota can be cost-effectively harvested in more aspects of our society.

We welcome all expressions of interests and comments. Please send us an E-mail, use the contact form or call us. Contact information and form is found here: Contact BiomCare.



Management and board members

"All of us rely on our body’s microbiome to function properly. We have more microbial cells living inside our bodies than human cells. These bacteria protect us from infection and are particularly essential to digestion.

For example, your body literally cannot break down certain types of plant fibers without an assist from the bacteria in your gut."

Bill Gates

Telegraph, October 2019

Tweets from BIOMCARE:

We focus on sequencing-based approached to profile the #microbiome in a complex sample, to offer the best available data processing and analysis options. Read more on our site: #16S #shotgunsequencing

Amplicon metagenomic sequencing 16S, ITS. See products here


Emerging research into the human #microbiome shows that organisms which are living in the human gut can potentially have a profound effect on exactly how drugs are metabolized and absorbed. #microbiome #drugresponse #sequencing

The human microbiome is personal – with high diversity between people and reasonably high stability within a person over time – and highly involved in drug metabolism. #microbiota #drugresponse

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Louise holds a master’s degree in molecular medicine from Aarhus University and a PhD degree in biostatistics, researching the human gut microbiome, from the university of Kiel.

She enjoys international collaborations and has experience from both the University of Melbourne, Australia; Harward School of Public Health/Broad Insitute, Boston, USA; and University of Kiel, Germany.


Louise Bruun Thingholm

Ph.D in Biostatistics. Master of science in molecular medicine. CEO and Chief scientific officer at BiomCare.

Nina has a background in finance and international trade. She has worked for years in Switzerland in the finance sector and she has banking experience from large banks in Denmark.


Nina Skovslund Nielsen

Master of Science in Finance and International Business. Chairman of the board at BiomCare.

Ann Bech holds a master’s degree in molecular medicine from Aarhus University has and has worked with some of the biggest pharma companies in Denmark.


Ann Bech Thomsen

Master of science in molecular medicine. Board member at Biomcare.

Regin holds a masters degree in information technologies, a diploma in digital strategy from the institute of data and marketing in London, and he has a long experience from the IT industry in Denmark and Australia.


Regin Buss Vels Jensen

Master of Science in Information Technologies. Board member at Biomcare.