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Sample shipment and labeling

Samples to be shipped to BIOMCARE must be collected in tubes labeled with BIOMCARE barcodes. Therefore, BIOMCARE will ask you to fill a sample information sheet about the samples and type of sequencing requested. You will then receive barcode labels, and an excel sheet to fill with information regarding each sample. If your samples are already collected and frozen, that is not an issue. You can simple use transparent office tape to ensure the stickers stay in place.

When samples are collected and sequencing methods selected, BIOMCARE provide all necessary information for shipment of samples to our sequencing facility and help answer any questions you might have. While we are happy to answer practical questions, organization and payment of transportation is not included in BIOMCARE services.

When your samples arrive at the sequencing facility, they are scanned and registered in the inhouse database for safe samples tracking. It is therefore of key importance that you return to BIOMCARE the above mentioned excel sheet before your samples are shipped. The sample are then processed with DNA extraction, library preparation and sequencing as requested.

Turnaround time

We generally have a turnaround time in the laboratory of 6-10 weeks depending on project size and type of sequencing selected. However, we cannot guarantee this timeline is met and we recommend you discuss with us at an early stage if your project has a specific deadline. When the raw sequencing data is generated, it is transferred to your project-folder on BIOMCAREs server, and we proceed with data evaluation.


Sequencing facilities are located within the European union. As a consequence, there is no need for custom documentation for shipment within the union.

However from locations outside the union, the proper documents must be handled. For any input required from BIOMCARE, we ask you to contact your BIOMCARE contact person and not the sequencing facility.

Data transfer

A designated project folder will be generated on the BIOMCARE server when data or results are available. Customers receive an email with login information and a guide to download the data using secure FTP.

If BIOMCARE is to process already generated data, we will generate the folder and ask you to transfer the data to the designated raw data folder.

BIOMCARE main office

Inge Lehmanns gade 11,
8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

We used Biomcare to analyse the occurrence and composition of bacteria and fungi in soil samples, in a project evaluating soil fertility and the effect of tilling. … The results were presented in easily understandable and illustrative reports, and by personal communication, and all communication went swiftly. I can highly recommend BIOMCARE for their expertise. 

Annette Vibeke Vestergaard

Senior specialist - soil and soil management. Crop Innovation and Environment, SEGES