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BIOMCARE provide support for microbiome research, exactly where and when it is needed. We can participate from the beginning with project design, after sequencing when raw data needs processing, or by supporting with advanced biostatistical analysis of your microbiome profiles.

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Water quality is of great importance in aquaculture. We help you measure the microbes in your facility, by using stage of the art sequencing solutions. We help to optimize production efficiency, by profiling and monitoring both microbe levels and their functions. Monitoring of microbes can give valuable information of the normal levels of microbes and when these levels start to change.

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By using amplicon sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene, we detect and profile the composition of bacteria in complex microbiome samples.

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Fungi are important members of many microbiome communities. We profile the abundance of fungi by sequencing the marker ITS2 genetic sequence.

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 Microbes are essential parts of a healthy ecosystem, but some we need to avoid. Pathogens course disease in crops and reduced yield, and needs be detected and monitored.

At Biomcare we use stage-of-the art sequencing solutions to detect microbes with high resolution and accuracy. Also when you don’t know exactly which organism you want to test for, we can help.

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We perform data quality evaluation and filtering of microbiome sequencing data, and perform microbiome profiling, thereby preparing raw data for biostatistical analysis.

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Microbiome studies require custom biostatistical solutions to harvest the full value and information available in complex microbiome datasets. One size never fits all at Biomcare.

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 It is valuable to study the effect and interaction of new products with the microbiome in a controlled setting. We offer in vivo tests of new products such as drugs and food ingredients.

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Screening for microbial biomarkers and analyzing microbiome profiles in clinical trials hold the potential of increased control and reduction of the risk resulting from varying drug responses.

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See our full list of workshops. We perform physical/online workshops on request, and have physical workshops at location i Denmark too.

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See a full list of our microbiome webinars, and sign up here.

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