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BIOMCARE can support you in your microbiome research, exactly where and when you need it. We can participate from the beginning with project design, after sequencing when raw data needs processing, or by supporting with advanced biostatistical analysis of your microbiome profiles.

Services at a glance

Microbiome sequencing services

We offer amplicon (16S and ITS) and shotgun metagenomic sequencing of microbiome samples using Illumina MiSeq and HiSeq next generation sequencing (NGS) instruments.

Data quality evaluation & filtering

We evaluate the quality of raw sequencing data obtained from next generation sequencing and perform the necessary data filtering to remove low quality reads and contamination.

Microbiome profiling

To obtain insight into the diversity and composition of microbiome samples, the quality filtered data is processed to generate microbiome profiles. The microbiome profiles provide information on the abundance of specific organisms and their functional properties (depending on the selected sequencing approach).

Custom biostatistical analysis

All microbiome projects are driven by one or more question(s): Does this nutrient, fertilizer or pesticide affect microbiome diversity? Do specific organisms associate with pH levels? Does the soil fungal community associate with crop yield? Each project is unique, and BIOMCARE selects statistical analysis based on the specific properties of each project, as well as our expertise in microbiome analysis, to obtain robust and informative results.

Microbiome in soil

 Soil contain a diverse community of microorganisms, and these organisms are essential for both function and health. Different types of soil are characterized by their own unique composition of microbes, and even within soil types the composition differ dependent on factors such as pH, water content and usage such as fertilization and crop type. Characterizing and modifying the beneficial microbes found in soil and on plants presents a promising strategy to optimize plant growth and agricultural sustainability.

 Get a Soil Microbiome Analysis and read more about our service here

And more

We are continually working to expand our services. We also offer microbiome analysis service. Please contact us with your specific request and we will be happy to discuss the options. There is a good chance we have already proceeded to establishing the required protocols.

The availability of next-generation sequencing (NGS) solutions enables the assessment of genes and genomes contained within complex microbial communities.

BIOMCARE uses these methods to deliver deep microbiome insight and understanding.

Louise B. Thingholm