Why Choose Us?

Agile team - Quality results - Ph.D. academic level - Quality and thoroughness
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The reasons why you have made the best decision by choosing Biomcare:

  • You prefer agility and fast-moving teams over heavy organizations
  • You prefer interaction with the specialists and experts, who will make your project a success, over entrusting your project to a sales representative
  • You prefer experienced specialists, with more than 50 microbiome projects behind them, to handle your project.
  • You prefer not to be “just one of many clients”, but a client with a project that will receive special care to quality and detail.

At Biomcare, we choose the projects we want to cooperate on. When working together, we have chosen you and your project – because we believe in your success.

Biomcare is an agile team of researchers, academics, and analysts who are thoroughly interested in bringing hard knowledge of the microbiome to use in science and commercial companies. This is why we pay attention to the requirements of the clients and commit ourselves to help them reach their goals.

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Our agile approach

  • Ph.D. level expertise
  • Thoroughness. We are A grade academics – quality is in our veins and part of our DNA
  • Agile approach. Not two microbiome projects are the same. Therefore, we keep an agile mindset and this is fundamental for our success.

Our custom made pipelines

We have developed our own data processing pipelines to ensure that we deliver the best results. Our pipelines are based on the best and most up to date algorithms and machine learning processes.

Our 360º approach

  • We assist with project planning
  • We advice on collection of samples, supportive meta-data, and sample shipment.
  • We offer DNA/RNA extraction and Illumina/Nanopore sequencing solutions.
  • We perform data processing and generation of microbiome profiles.
  • We perform custom biostatistical analysis.
  • We deliver the results in reports and through recurrent meetings. We offer our input on interpretation and meaning of the results, discuss them with you, and custom reports to give you the highest success rate for your project.

Our Quality Control

We have quality control incorporated at every step of our processes, from the laboratory to the dry bench. Quality control is an essential aspect in ensuring that your samples contain enough DNA of high quality, that your samples are not contaminated, or something third. Our quality control process will discover such issues and we will discuss the next steps with you, perhaps samples should not be sequenced, or tools should be used to circumvent the problem.

Our Skill-set

We are raw academic experts! We are technology and innovation driven specialists with Master’s level and Ph.D. backgrounds from Northern European universities. Our network makes us able to scale projects with extremely high qualified profiles within microbiome solutions. You have the questions, we can provide you with answers.

Our Experience

We always strive to add value and are proactive in solving clients’ problems. This we are able to do as we have been working in the field of microbiomes since 2013 and have more than 50 successful microbiome projects behind us.