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Insight into the composition of beneficial or pathogenic microbes presents a promising strategy to optimize plant yield, promote the health and productivity of livestock, or foster agricultural sustainability. But until recently, the value of knowing the community of microorganisms (the microbiome) of plants, animals and soil has been largely inaccessible. This has changed over the last decade. Due to recent technological developments, analyzing the microbiome directly in a sample, has become possible. The technology is called Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), and it facilitate the detection of microorganisms directly in a sample by sequencing the organism’s DNA.



  • Pathogen detection and monitoring
  • Biodiversity analysis
  • Monitor microbe populations
  • Species surveillance and detection
  • Mapping microbes’ functional capacities
  • And more


  • Gut microbiome composition and function
  • Microbes’ role in livestock health and growth
  • Feed efficacy
  • Pathogen detection and monitoring
  • And more

Sample types

  • Soil
  • Plants, vegetables and roots
  • Water
  • Animal samples incl. feces, saliva, biopsies

The use of NGS allows us at Biomcare to obtain an incredibly detailed picture of the range and diversity of microorganisms in a microbiome community. The high accuracy and low cost of this method makes it feasible to detect the microbial diversity at a much greater scale than previously. Incorporating microbiome analysis in your activities can provide insight and guide developments.

Microbiome analysis can provide valuable insights in many fields, such as:

  • Development and evaluation of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Fodder development
  • Smart farming
  • Crop characterization and breeding

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"We used Biomcare to analyze the occurrence and composition of bacteria and fungi in soil samples, in a project evaluating soil fertility and the effect of tilling.
...The results were presented in easily understandable and illustrative reports, and by personal communication, and all communication went swiftly. I can highly recommend Biomcare for their expertise." 

Annette Vibeke Vestergaard

Senior specialist, Soil and Soil Management. Crop Innovation and Environment, SEGES

Illustration - plant and soil microbiome

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