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Water quality is of great importance in aquaculture. We help you measure the microbes in your facility, by using state-of-the-art sequencing solutions. We help to optimize the production efficiency, by profiling and monitoring both microbe levels and their functions. Monitoring of microbes can give valuable information about the normal levels of microbes and when these levels start to change. When the levels change we can tell you exactly which microbes are becoming more dominant, and may be cause for concern.


A key factor for water quality and production in controlled water environments such as recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), is the microbial levels and activities.

They control nitrification, removal of organic material, key toxins, and many similar important variables in production.

The ability to monitor microbes with detailed information on the profile of species in the tanks is therefore a ground-breaking new solution for fish production. At Biomcare we lead the way with the stage of the art sequencing-based solutions for establishing the baseline profile of your facility and setting up a routine monitoring scheme, they give you unprecedented control.


Fish production is a tightly controlled system, where all variables are set to provide optimal conditions. However, sometimes the ideal settings to achieve optimal conditions are unknown for the given facility, and perhaps the applied setup does not sustain the intended microbial profiles.

At Biomcare, we help you to evaluate how different settings affect microorganisms and their functions. We help profile both the composition and abundance of microbes, but also investigate their functions such as nitrification capacity and anaerobic fermentation.

At Biomcare we work with you to identify the optimal settings and thus enable substantiated decisions to optimize production efficiency.

Solving your microbiome problems

We have more than +7 years of experience in analyzing microbiome data and structuring microbiome projects. Our team has worked on more than 75 microbiome projects spanning research, universities and commercial industries.

Biomcare offers both microbiome services for small discovery projects, as well as large custom-designed microbiome projects.

Contact us today and get a quote. We are standing by to service you.