Pathogen Detection and Monitoring

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 Microbes are essential parts of a healthy ecosystem, but some we need to avoid. Pathogens course disease in crops and reduced yield, and need to be both detected and monitored.

For some, we need to know if they are present, for others, we need to know their abundance to monitor when they start to dominate the environment.

At Biomcare we use state-of-the art sequencing solutions to detect microbes with high resolution and accuracy – Also when you don’t know exactly which organism you want to test for.

Let us work together to make pathogen screening smarter, faster and more useful!


Solving your microbiome problems

We have more than +7 years of experience in analyzing microbiome data and structuring microbiome projects. Our team has worked on more than 75 microbiome projects spanning research, universities and commercial industries.

Biomcare offers both microbiome services for small discovery projects, as well as large custom-designed microbiome projects.

Contact us today and get a quote. We are standing by to service you.

Why do pathogen detection with Biomcare?

Untargeted multi-pathogen screening

One test will screen for multiple pathogens at once, and you do not need to know which pathogen(s) you are looking for.


The method does not just tell you presence or absence but always gives relative abundance information. You will know how much of the microbiome community one organism constitute (e.g., 1% or 10% of the detected microbes).

Increased resolution (strain information)

DNA sequence information allows us to give you more exact information on the organisms present, allowing us to distinguish between different species in the samples, and with some methods provide strain-level information.

Cross-clade microbiome profiling available

In one test we detect microbes across one category, such as fungi, bacteria, protists, and archaea. This means you get information on dozens to thousands of organisms in one test. With some methods we can even look across categories, e.g. combining fungi and bacteria screening in one test.

7-14 days

Pathogen screening can be time sensitive, and we, therefore, offer a fast turnaround time where needed.

Custom design and competitive pricing

Let us know which set of pathogens you would like us to test for. We will sit down with you and discuss the possibilities, see if we have a solution readily available or if some R&D is required. And we will set up a solution that fits your specific needs.


Why use sequencing?

  • Allow detailed profiling of microorganisms of interest, distinguishing microbes at a low taxonomic level.
  • Allow detection of many organisms in one test such as broad detection of bacterial or fungal pathogens.
  • The new sequencing platforms allow for a fast turnaround time.
  • Allow for both detection and monitoring of strain developments in the environment.

What we do

  • Set up solutions specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Support with guidance on sample collection and shipment.
  • All laboratory work and data analysis.
  • Provide results in the format best suitable to your workflow.
  • Customize result reports to your needs.


Sequencing based pathogen screening – hold the promise to greatly improve pathogen detection in agriculture, by providing more information and allowing us to detect organisms, we didn´t know we were looking for.

Louise Thingholm

CEO, Biomcare