About BiomCare

BiomCare is a company who focuses on the importance of the gut microbiota for human health and well-being. By offering human fecal samples for use in vivo models, we aim to enable and assist active consideration of the human gut microbiome in development of health-promoting products, drugs and biomarkers. BiomCare is establishing a Biobank of thoroughly evaluated fecal samples from a tightly monitored donor panel. Our donor panel constitute a backbone of healthy individuals which allow BiomCare to offer products that reflect the human gut microbiome of healthy individuals.

This backbone repertoire will be supplemented with phenotypic profiles of interest for current and future clients. As medication and nutritional products often target non-healthy individuals with a potentially altered microbiome, better matching of phenotypic profiles between drug target individuals and fecal donors, could support a more realistic evaluation of the microbiome’s metabolic role.

Incorporating the human gut microbiota in development of pharmacological and nutritional products is essential for a simple reason: The microorganisms living in the human gut are important players for metabolism of both food and drugs. It influences the rate of breakdown and transformation as well as uptake and excretion. It is therefore of interest for pharmaceutical companies who develop and test new drugs and biomarkers to consider the microbiota in their research and development. The microbiota is significantly different between the in vivo models used in drug evaluation and the humans for which the drug is intended. It is therefore essential to evaluate the effect of the human microbiota. And this is where BiomCare can help.

Because of the essential role of the microbiota for human health, there is an increasing focus on maintaining or re-establishing a healthy and well-functioning microbiota. New products aimed at promoting microbiota symbiosis in order to eradicate infection, improve insulin sensitivity, support weight loss and improve general health are being developed and marketed. BiomCare believe these products, whether it is drugs, pro- or prebiotics or something else, will become central for promoting heath and slowing down development of a range of both immune and metabolic conditions.  But before the products can become available they must be thoroughly tested to ensure the desired effect and safety. For such studies, in vivo models with an established human-like microbiome, referred to as humanized models, could be an essential tool.